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The future development of the form of electronic cigarette products: closed oil system
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Electronic cigarette products in the form of dispute, the essence is the electronic cigarette technology development restrictions and security demands of the dispute, the market most of the Opium VTM is still using the open system of smoke ", because the smoke is easy in use in the process of being exposed to, is considered safe enough. With the development of manufacturing technology and electronic cigarette design, more in line with consumer behavior, consumer safety, physical contact is not to smoke oil products will gradually spread, "closed oil system" Opium will occupy the mainstream market in 2015 after the opium.

The electronic cigarette industry already appeared in the "closed oil system" Opium VTM. The Great Smoky VTM itself is not a common security issues, security issues of VTM products are mainly lies in the smoky battery safety. The security demands the use of oil is the essence of the problem, the general used "open oil system" long-term security risks are obvious. The mainstream of electronic cigarette sales of small smoke, whether it is a one-time or replacement of smoke bombs, have been in the factory pre filling, sealing, consumers generally can not contact with the smoke nicotine, such "closed oil system" is more secure.

Why the consumers have to use large and bulky VTM out? In addition to long-term use of money, but also had a close relationship with the rapid development of electronic cigarette. According to the "New York Times" reported that the electronic cigarette can be found on the market in the United States up to 7000 (Note: taste, formula of different manufacturers, different kinds of strange taste), everything and formula, if not out then means that consumers get nicotine they want satisfaction and taste volatility, because the different characteristics of different oil, heating power one-time small smoke is only a few watts, that is fixed constant. But as opium can adjust the power from a few watts to tens of watts (hundreds of Watts), most of the oil in the high power transfer efficiency of nicotine and taste are reflected much better than small smoke, a smoke will be able to find the number of consumers in the face of tile appropriate complex oil series, achieve the atomization effect of the best, if you do not consider the poor electronic cigarette carcinogens problems in high wattage, smoky VTM and now is the harmonious development of the oil smoke.

Today, the market of electronic cigarette products and technology determines the level of oil adding action, either in the factory pre good (i.e. made of smoke bombs, which belongs to the "close system, closed system, smoke) or allowing consumers to add directly through the purchase of bottled oil, outside the two ways and third ways of consumption that is," capsule "in the form of opium. Capsule form belongs to the "closed oil system" category, and it is the smoke bomb replacement is different, because it is used in the oil smoke opium, capsule itself without atomizer, because consumers do not need to touch the smoke, also won't need bottled oil. In the smoking process, gas storage process, and smoking in the process of using open system under the oil leakage may occur even spilled into the skin. This kind of capsule has been researched by many manufacturers in china.

With the development of electronic technology, at the end of the homogenization of small smoke smoke will gradually clear, the future may not use small smoke to distinguish electronic smoking opium. In addition to Europe and the United States occupy the absolute mainstream out more than half of the market, small smoke and opium products form has gradually emerged at the end of February 2014 the coincidence, given the TPD20 tobacco directive requirements out of capacity must be 2ml or less, the provisions of that capacity greatly out of maintenance in 1.6-2ml, the manufacturers in the capacity of less smoke, small capacity at about 1ml, mainly for one-time or replaceable cartridges series, because the capacity is close, the electronic cigarette company will have a smoke bomb made of 2ml, and design a disposable type, which is equivalent to the size of the smoke bomb. This product is reached "closed oil system", consumers do not have their own oil smoke, do not have contact with oil smoke, also is the development of electronic cigarette products in the form of a compromise result.

The future of the electronic cigarette market, "closed oil system" and using the VTM in the smoky replaceable capsule products will become the mainstream of the future of electronic cigarette. After 2015, the electronic cigarette around this category of industrial activities, such as oil injection, Yanju design, automation and so on will become the main work of the electronic cigarette industry. The use of electronic smoke will ensure better, will be better meet the security demands.

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